B.YONEST NEWZ: John Allen Muhammad executed after “6 years.”

muhammad_jpgThe United States of America was under such fear and angst as John Allen Muhammad was on a rampage in Washington D.C. in October, 2002. I remember driving past white vans and being in fear of getting gas and I lived in Columbus, Ohio at the time. Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo (who Mahammad was CLEARLY forcing and coercing  into these acts) were “sniping” their way through the D.C. metro are. It was so disgusting.

The D.C. Sniper was executed and pronounced dead @ 9:11pm Tuesday night, Virgina officials report. How AWESOME is that? Executed six years after you are found guilty. The normal rate of a death penalty “execution” is up to 153 months. Ten to twelve years. They pushed “Allen Muhammad’s” up to six years and were like “Peace, player.”


Call me Mr. Negativity, but this man got what he deserved and “maybe” in the perfect amount of time. He was forced to think about it for a while, rot in prison and just had he was coming to the “realization” that he took innocent peoples’ lives for nothing, he was executed. Lee Boyd Malvo was given a life sentence for his participation in the crime. Well Done, Justice System. AND.. I NEVER say that sh*t. ALL HAIL


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