B.YONEST NEWZ: SHAQ and “Agent Zero’s” fiancee

B.YONEST NEWZ: Shaquille O’Neal caught in another scandal! DAMN!

Once upon a time, Shaquille O’Neal was playing basketball in Washington against the Wizards. He got done with his game, went to his hotel room and had a sexual encounter with his rivals’ fiancee. Shaquille had no idea that the consequence of his action would cost him his marriage, his credibility (for a little while) and a GANG of MONEY. Shaq’s wife went back to California to file for divorce because she knew her settlement would be greater. Like i said in earlier articles.. EVERYBODY Is doing it. Oh Yeah, Mike Tyson got arrested again tonight.. READ HERE or carry ON!


Is Shaquille going to lose his position with The Cleveland Cavaliers for beating cakes? No WAY in the world. He actually slept with Gilbert Arenas’ woman? Like, fiancee. I don’t even know what to say to this madness. I mean, the man can have practically any woman he wants and he chose a fellow Professional Player’s girl? Damn, Shaq. Would you sell your children for an opportunity to become a Police Officer, too? I know, steep and I apologize for that one, but damn Shaq.

There’s two sides to every story. This story obviously has a few more than two sided and they will clash, collide and eventually come to a “head” on the basketball court. Let’s not forget, Washington and Cleveland have had some serious Series’ in the PAST. This is only going to fuel the fire of  both teams as they go “deeper” into the season. Notice the “head” and “deeper” lines? Yes, I’m a Comedian as well.


For more B.YONEST NEWZ including MIKE TYSON’S arrest CLICK HERE..


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  3. Sha

  4. Shaq is an idiot! He’s a grown up kid with a ton of money. He lets his *pants* dictate who he spends time with at the drop of a hat. He’s already gotten several women pregnant while married to the ex-wife who’s seeking a divorce in California. Why bother to get married if you’re going to have sex with every woman you see???

    Good for Shaunie for grabbing her kids and gettin’ the heck out of Dodge and trying to make a better, more stable life for herself and the kids. Shaq was never in the same league as Michael Jordan. He thought he was, but he’s just a big, kid with raging out of control hormones.

    California is a 50-50 state. Shaq will be required to list where every penny has been spent. That means hotels, motels, houses, condos for his girlfriends.

    Get those Benjamins, Shaunie!!!

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