Is It Me Or?? Part 3: Wendy Williams Edition

B.YONEST NEWZ: Is it Me or….Does Wendy Williams need JESUS.

wendy-williams-silly-faceIs Wendy Williams one of the most RETARDED show hosts imaginable. Sweaty arm pits, crazy outlandish noises and acts of stupidity. She looks, acts and speaks half drunk every episode and have you seen HER ARM PIT SWEAT. She look like Casper Semenya under the arms. Shit’s gross. I know, I know. She’s Wendy Williams and she attained that job BECAUSE of her “crazy” deranged ways and her hellacious background of interviewing, talking, gossiping and getting her ass kicked. I mean, The Wendy Williams Show?? WTF. Maybe, it’s just me!!!



One Response to “Is It Me Or?? Part 3: Wendy Williams Edition”

  1. Wendy just wants to be famous. She was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame. However, her show is another story. She apologizes for nothing and doesn’t feel the need to be “as neat as a lady”. She does say she’s messy and she’s up front about a lot of stuff most hosts wouldn’t even mention.

    I’m just waiting to see if she’ll get renewed for another season. The bosses are letting her play through as long as the ratings are half way decent. But time will tell if she gets picked up for a 2nd season. That’s the real test.

    Monique may not get picked up. She’s struggling in the ratings. Wanda Sykes isn’t doing that hot either. Lopez is struggling. So if Wendy gets picked up for a 2nd season, I will be shocked.

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