Veterans Day Salute

WAS2005050968449I know we’ve been doing this post for over a year now because we did a Veteran’s Day post last year and I didn’t know what the h*ll it mean then OR now. Just kidding.. Kind of. I reckon it has something to do w/ troops, soldiers and such, but what’s that got to do w/ the mail being delivered? AND.. Shouldn’t EVERYDAY be Veteran’s Day? I’ve been a parent for almost 9 years now. Kobe Bryant’s been in the NBA for 13 or so years. Does he get to celebrate Veteran’s Day? He’s a “Veteran” in NBA YEARS?

EITHER way. Happy, Merry, Joyful Veteran’s Day to the individual(s) who deserve it. The Soldiers who have given their time, efforts and lives to defend the things that WE (and if not we, George Bush, his father and the rest of those effin idiots) believe in and stand for. In my case, it’s the TRUTH, empowerment and Freedom. The Bushs’.. GREED, deception AND MONEY.. Damn, I love Barack Obama..



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