B.YONEST NEWZ: Buckeyes beat Hawkeyes in Overtime..

Iowa Ohio St FootballThe Ohio State Buckeyes began their season with a great deal of critics thinking they didn’t have what it takes to be a “serious” football team. Young receivers, dissatisfying running game and a quarterback that hadn’t lived up to the hype that a #1 recruit is supposed to. The defense was intense and prepared for a phenomenal season, but many looked at the Buckeyes as a “decent” football team. Well, if decency means a Big Ten title and a damn near guaranteed trip to The Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, there’s a great deal of teams who’d love to be decent.

Ohio State defeated The Iowa Hawkeyes, in Columbus, 27-24. The overtime Instant Classic, guaranteed the Buckeyes a share of the Big Ten Title. They have had a pice of the Big Ten 5 years straight. It guaranteed the Buckeyes a BCS Bowl (for the 5th year straight) and they looked much more impressive than early in the season. The USC/OSU rematch was tossed aside last night as the Trojans lost 55-21 to the Stanford.

There’s a great deal of football to play and the new BCS standings come out later. Today is a day for NFL football. Steelers/Bengals, Colts/Patriots. NUFF SAID. Go Bucks. See you next Saturday in Ann Arbor. I don’t want to guarantee victory, quite yet.. BUT, i GUARANTEE Victory. Go Bucks, Go Colts. We make MOVEZ..


Sidenote: James Vandenberg, Iowa’s Freshman Quarterback, played his tail off. He showed great promise for his future and the future of the Hawkeyes.


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