B.YONEST NEWZ: Indianapolis Colts vs New Orleans Saints. 2 L.E.F.T.

nfl_manning_brees1_203If you asked me who the best team in the NFL was yesterday @ 2pm, I’d say the New Orleans Saints. Ask me that exact question at 10am today and my answer may differ. There’s no question that The New Orleans Saints have more weapons than United States Armed Forces and a significantly stifling defense. They are undefeated and leading the NFC with a 9-0 record. The Indianapolis Colts came back last night and squeaked out a victory against The New England Patriots. The question remains.. Who is the better undefeated team?

colts.saints.manningThe chances of seeing these two against one another is damn near impossible. Two turf teams, who rely mostly on their offense doing “enough” to win games, don’t win Championships. The Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals, Minnesota Vikings and a few others are extremely hungry to prove they are GREAT. The Steelers are the defending Champions and always get better towards the end of the season. There’s a LOT of football to play, people, but who is the better undefeated team?

The next four weeks are going to pivotal to the seed(s) of both Conferences. New Orleans is going to have to keep winning to stay ahead of the (8-1) Minnesota Vikings whose sole loss came to The Pittsburgh Steelers, an AFC team. The Colts have a two game lead on The Cincinnati Bengals and a three game lead on a large group of other teams. One thing I do know for sure?? The last undefeated team has went to the Super Bowl the last four seasons. I’m just sayin’. They may not be winning pretty, The Saints and The Colts, but they winnin’.




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