B.YONEST NEWZ: Gators, Crimson Tide, Longhorns. Who’s the ONE?

The BCS Standings had a few changes this week. USC took a drastic plummet to 18th after 55-21 loss to Stanford. The Ohio State Buckeyes are back in the top 10 after defeating The Iowa Hawkeyes 27-24 in Overtime. The Pittsburgh Panthers are in the Top Ten of the BCS Standings for the 1st time in school history. Of course Florida, Alabama and Texas are chillin’ in the Top 3 of the Standings. The most intriguing statement in the BCS (in my opinion) is the 4 through 6 positions.

Boise State, TCU and Cincinnati are in the Top 6 of the BCS Standings. I may be mistaking, but if you’re in the Top 8 aren’t you guaranteed a BCS Bowl? Times are changin’, people. Definitely changin’. I’d love to see a Boise State play Texas Christian University. Cincinnati hasn’t lost and they deserve to be in the position to play in a BCS Game. I wanna see a “playoff” just like the rest of the “realistic” College Football fans, but this is some pretty entertaining sh*t. The only guarantee right now is The Ohio State Buckeyes are going to a BCS bowl for the 4th straight time. I’m just sayin..  See you soon, Pasadena.


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