B.YONEST NEWZ: Patriots give the game away. Colts Cash In…

The Indianapolis Colts trailed 31-14 in the 3rd Quarter and 34-21 with 7:00 remaining in the 4th Quarter. The game is supposed to be over in such a situation. The New England Patroits, a team of Championship caliber and a team who makes few mental mistakes, winning by 13 points in the 4th Quarter. There’s only ONE team who has a chance. Only ONE Quarterback who has the potential, abilities and belief(s) to comeback and beat the New England Patriots. Peyton “mutha f*ckin” Manning.

The Colts turned the ball over with 7:00 minutes remaining in the 4th Quarter. The game was completely dominated by New England. More passing yards, more rushing yards, more points and a better Offensive/Defensive scheme. The Indianapolis defense forced a field goal late in the 4th Quarter, keeping it at a 2 score game. Indianapolis’ offense marched down the field and put it in the end zone in under two minutes, leaving 2:44 on the game clock. The Patriots were set to run the clock out. One first down. The first down never came.


Indianapolis’ defense stuffed the run on 1st down. The Patriots’ offense gained 8 yards on 2nd down with a completion to Wes Welker. On 3rd down, Tom Brady threw an incomplete pass and The Colts defense got the 3 and out they were looking for. The New England Patriots were guaranteed to punt, right? WRONG!! On 4th and 2, from their OWN 29 yard line, the Patriots ran a 2 yard out to Kevin Faulk. Faulk bobbled the pass and contained possession SHORT of the first down marker, turning the ball over on downs. They had no time outs so there wasn’t a challenge available. PEYTON MANNING time.

Peyton completed a 19 yard pass to Reggie Wayne, ran a couple run plays to Joseph Addai and before you knew it The Colts were on the 2 yard line with :17 seconds left. Reggie Wayne caught a touchdown pass (on a GREAT slant route) and the game was tied at 34 with :13 seconds to go. Indianapolis makes the P.A.T. and wins 35-34 in a CLASSIC game between the Patriots and Colts.. The NFL “Rivalry of the Decade.”

I’m the most extreme of Colts Fans. I wish I could do this article without having a bias opinion, but the Colts are AMAZING. They remain undefeated in an AFC Conference that has an extensive amount of teams battling for what seems to be the #2 Seed. The Colts (9-0) face The Baltimore Ravens Sunday in Baltimore. I by no means want them to go Undefeated, but they are in the Driver’s Seat for AFC Supremacy.

Hopefully, they won’t waste all they played for this season by losing AT HOME in the Playoffs. 9-0, new head coach, 2 rookie receivers, 2 rookie cornerbacks, a 17 game regular season winning streak, beat the Patriots 5 of the last 6 times, 3 game lead in the AFC and the best Quarterback in the NFL… I’d say it’s GREAT to be a COLTS FAN… If it’s not the Bucks….? It’s the Colts..



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