TWILF? What does THAT mean?

B.YONEST NEWZ: Sarah Palin is a total TWILF. Thanks Al Gore.

sarah-palin-1There’s a great deal of MILF’s in the world. The word Milf and Cougar have made their way to mainstream slang terms of endearment for older women. It’s awesome. Think of all the Milf’s and Cougars in your brain. I’ll wait. Ok, one more second. Yeah, that was awesome wasn’t it. Now there’s some new term brewing and I have NO idea what it means. Can you help?

What the hell is a Twilf? I can use my imagine.. Terrible Woman I’d Like to F…. ill in the blank..? Terrific Women Independently Like to F…. ill in the blank.? Who knows. Al Gore took it upon himself to refer to Sarah Palin in such a way. He called her a Twilf, dudes and she is a TOTAL twilf. Palin is scheduled to feature in a Barbara Walters special tomorrow (Tuesday night) at 8pm. I’m sure she’ll discuss Alaska, John McCain and her daughters’ pregnancy. I’d rather her and Tina Fey dress up like one another and kiss each other for an hour, but that’s just me. Both Twilfs.



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