B.YONEST NEWZ: Cleveland Browns.. Worse team of the decade

B.YONEST NEWZ.. Cleveland Browns just aren’t getting any better…

LETZ BYONEST, being a Cleveland Browns fan has to be one of the most difficult tasks, period. Imagine cheering for a team you expect to lose. New coaches, new General Managers, new wide receivers and two quarterbacks who just can’t get a handle on anything offensively. It’s offensive to watch the offense play. The Browns offense has scored less than 100 points this season. I think it may be less than 90 and 80 points, but I wanted to give them the benifit of the doubt. They threw for 70 yards last night against the Baltimore Ravens on their way to a 16-0 loss.

Do you fire Eric Mangini? Do you trade Derek Anderson and/or Brady Quinn? ABBZolutely NOT. You better keep the talented players you have. Work on the offensive line. Put some more trade money and draft money into a defensive backfield. Fire ALL of the General Managers, owners, coaches and start this team completely from the ground up. I mean Cleveland is the worse franchise (in any sport) this decade. PERIOD. They have become a guaranteed victory on any teams’ schedule.

I can’t see them righting this ship anytime soon. It’s going to take an extensive amount of time to turn this one around. You know you suck when your fans schedule a walk out during the game. You know you suck when you have two quarterbacks and NEITHER can put the ball in the end zone. You KNOW you suck when Braylon Edwards is begging for a trade. He sucks.!!! Good luck Cleveland fans. I pray LeBron doesn’t leave Cleveland for your sake. If Bron leaves, you’ll be stuck w/ the terrible Cavailiers, the disgusting Indians and the worse franchise (of any sport) this decade.. The Cleveland Browns…



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