B.YONEST NEWZ.. You can’t even GIVE it away anymore.

The world has become so shadowed and engulfed in Promotions, Sales and Marketing Campaigns that people won’t take FREE stuff anymore. EVERYONE and their mother is an artist. Music, painting, drawing or some other facet of Autistic, I mean ARTISTIC, talent. It’s to the point that walking up to a stranger and offering him a disc “free of charge” doesn’t even work.

Giving music away on the Internet isn’t creating a buzz anymore either. Why; because EVERYONE and their mother is giving music away on the Internet. I do promotional work for other companies and people won’t take the free product we are basically throwing in their faces. They think everything comes with a catch. It’s ridiculously obnoxious.

I applaud people attempting to attain goals on their own. I’m a sucker for a Promotion. I love free sh*t, but I wonder why a great deal of people DON’T. College kids do. Children do, but adults have a sincere issue with taking ‘free’ things from people. Trust me, I do an extensive amount of promo work and I see it on a daily basis. Coupons, Bags, hats, etc… Adults won’t take it. What the f*ck is wrong with people? It’s FREE sh*t. I’m just sayin.. ALL HAIL.



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