B.YONEST NEWZ.. Bring Tyrone Willingham Back to Notre Dame.

LETZ BYONEST.. Charlie Weis was given a great opportunity when he was handed the key to the Notre Dame Campus. Perfect job. Perfect Quarterback, in Brady Quinn, and a perfect resume. He was the play caller for Bill Belichick. He had to be the solution for Notre Dame to turn the Program around, right? WRONG….

Numbers don’t lie people. From 2005 to present, Weis has a winning percentage of .574. I’m just sayin. Brady Quinn and the boys that Tyrone Willingham recruited left. All of a sudden, Coach Weis looks like a normal mortal. You know it’s the truth and here at “B.YONEST INVAZION” that’s what we speak.

Do I think Charlie Weis deserves to be sabotaged and threatened for his life? Hell no! That’s absurd and any fan or individual who acts like that needs to be imprisoned. Jimmy Clausen, quarterback of Notre Dame, was punched in the face at a restaurant in front of his family. That dude is the best player on the team next to Golden Tate and YOU PUNCH HIM. What the f*ck is wrong with people. GO TO THE NFL, Jimmy. They don’t appreciate you there.

I hope Charlie Weis gets a second opportunity. He’s probably a great gentleman and has a knowledge of the game few compare with. His time @ Notre Dame is up, though. I wasn’t completely joking about Wililngham either. Far stretch, I know, but the man can get ‘er done. Cincinnati coach, Brian Kelly, is the clear cut favorite though. I LIKE IT. ALL HAIL.



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