How freaking fast did that go, people? College fooball season is over. IT felt like 2 days ago, I was talking about the season starting. Tebow for Heisman? Colt McCoy National Championship? Still so many things to answer and the season is damn near OVER. It’s so disgruntling. Florida vs. Alabama will definitely answer a few more questions. That’s for sure.

Charlie Weis is definitely fired. You concur? Bobby Bowden is another story, though. He’s begging for another year (basically) with Florida State and I think they should give it to him. He’s Bobby Bowden, damn it. You can’t fire a man w/ that man wins. I’m opinionated, but it’s the troooof.

Cincinnati? Boise State? Texas Christian.. All undefeated and wont get an opportunity to play for the “Trophy.” Can any of those schools play w/ the Floridas’ and Texas’? We’ll never know, but a post-season playoff/tournament would definitely quiet all that noise surrounding the BCS (which stands for BULL CRAP SYSTEM). Get it together College Football. So many questions. So little time…



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