DAMN, it feels GOOD to be a COLTS FAN!!

Say what you will and want, haters. The Indianapolis Colts are 11-0, undefeated and still pushin on. They have won 11 games seven seasons in a row and seem primed to go and successfully win an AFC Championship (worse case scenario).  They officially won the AFC South and clinched a playoff spot against the Houston Texans, today winning 35-27. I know what most of you are thinking. We don’t give a sh*t. Well, I’m born and raised in Indianapolis SO I DO GIVE A Sh*t. Go Colts. Go Colts. Go Colts.

Next week, we take on the Tennessee Titans. Serious threat. Vince Young is winning games, period. He and the Titans just beat Arizona on a 99 yard drive and such. Watch out for the Tennessee Titans, people. They are a sincere threat for today, tomorrow and the forseeable future. With that said, who gives a sh*t. Go Colts.



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