TIGER WOODS: Can his image return from this crisis

What Tiger Woods has gotten himself into seems to be taking its toll on the Woods family and Brand as a whole. It seems that someone was admitted into the Hospital this morning and I wonder what the family of Tiger feels like right now. Emotionally, physically and mentally this has to be draining everyone. Tiger is supposed to be playing Gold and representing the “Tiger Woods” Brand, but he’s hiding in a non-disclosed place (his house) waiting for this to pass over. IT’S NOT going to pass over Mr. Woods. More Tiger Woods News Here.

I’d love to say I’m done blogging about this madness, but I can’t say that. This is the most juicy news since O.J. “Juice” Simpson murdered his ex-wife and new man. Tiger Woods has a sex addiction and he likes drugs. Holy shit, everyone. Tiger Woods is a HUMAN. Breaking Newz. Breaking Newz. Tiger Woods is not a robotic machine. He is A HUMAN BEING. What’s the world to do!! More Tiger!!



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