B.YONEST: What are Relationships Based On??

I’ve learned and seen that relationships are far from perfect. Arguing, fighting, disagreeing and such just happens. What happens in a relationship when two people want different things? Do they have to break up and divorce. Is there a way to work to attain the same goals. I can’t lie, what I’ve seen of relationships is they seem damn near impossible. It takes two AMAZING people to make ONE RELATIONSHIP work. Right or Wrong?

“She wants to have children, but I dont.” Does that mean you have to separate or can the two of you find a happy medium to make it work? Women and Men are from such different walks of life and it’s a difficult task to find that happy medium of satisfaction for both parties. Men are hunters by nature. We love to look, feel and chase the opposite sex around. Whether in a committed relationship or not, the desire to “chase” women never leaves. We suppress ourselves and desires to fulfill the bond of marriage, love, etc.

Women are prey by nature. They, unlike men, have no desire to be with more than one man. They believe in the bond of love and commitment (which is amazing) and want the warmth and compassion of a man at all times. They believe that men are not to desire anyone else and that’s fine for them. The question remains… How do we find the happy medium.? What is the happy medium? Is there a happy medium? I’m starting to believe maybe not.

Relationships are basically a chess game. They are strategy. In reality women want one thing and men want another. They may never admit the facts of it, but it’s the truth. We are from different planets (Venus and Mars) and our instinctual desires differ. As people, it’s our jobs to learn to deal with them. Men must find a way to deal and women must find a way to heal. I’m not saying women don’t have desires (because they do). They just have more of an ability to hide and channel their desire. Well, good for them being better liars than men. Congratulations ladies.

I wish I had the answers and these questions will remain through the test of time. Men and Women are different species. Maybe both mammals and maybe both humans, but different “species.” We bark up different trees and the complexity of our “chase/catch” relations is emphatically exhausting. I tell all of you, you’re not alone. Ladies, there are millions of women who feel just like you. Men, we all feel your agony and pain. It’s a crazy roller coaster ride, relationships. Enjoy yourselves and learn about one another. In the famous words of Talib Kweli, hip hop lyricist he quotes..

“Niggas say bitches is trife, bitches say niggaz is, we just don’t understand our fundamental differences.” – Talib Kweli on “Love”


3 Responses to “B.YONEST: What are Relationships Based On??”

  1. sunnydelyte21 Says:

    True indeed and that’s coming from a woman. LOL. Glad you quoted Talib.

  2. thanks so much for you comment Sunny D.


  3. sunnydelyte21 Says:

    your very welcome

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