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B.YONEST “Sports” Newz: NFC Championship: New Orleans Saints win

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B.YONEST NEWZ.. Is Brett Favre going to retire after a game like that??

The Green Bay Packers remember when Brett Favre threw an interception in the NFC Championship. Now, The Minnesota Vikings can say the same thing. In the fourth quarter, Favre threw an interception to the middle of the field that “just about” cemented The New Orleans Saints into the Super Bowl. If Brett Favre runs in a straight line for 5 yards, they call a time out, bring on the field goal team and win the game in regulation. Instead, Favre threw a pass across his body, towards the middle of the field that was intercepted. The Saints got the kickoff in Overtime, drove down the field and the rest is HIStory!

I guess you can’t forget Adrian Peterson’s, Percy Harvin and Brett Favre’s “other” turnovers though. I mean, they did turn the ball over like six times or something crazy and still only lost by a field goal in Overtime. Time will tell whether Favre is done or not. He clearly has some gas in the tank and a gun slinger for an arm. Does he still have the heart, drive and determination to go through another season? Saints vs. Colts. LET’S GO “Bowling…”


B.YONEST “Sportz” Newz: AFC Championship: Indianapolis Colts Win

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B.YONEST NEWZ.. Peyton Manning to return to Miami for Super Bowl

I placed a guarantee label on the Indianapolis Colts Friday evening. That’s not something I (usually) do, but it seemed that this situation called for it. I was sick and tired of hearing every commentator (common hater) tell me the Jets were going to beat them. Out of (somewhat) anger, excitement and discouragement I guaranteed a “Colts” Victory. Sure enough, they (The Colts) did not let me down. Indianapolis took care of business in the second half and beat The New York Jets 30-17 to win the AFC Championship.

Most of you would have thought Dallas Clark and Reggie Wayne would be the reason for The Colts passing advantage. If I told you they were going to catch 7 balls total, you would’ve guaranteed a “Jets” victory. Well, Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon took care of serious business. Both men caught touchdown passes in critical times. Garcon and Collie give people like me hope for the future of the Indianapolis Colts. I think (after Peyton wins this Super Bowl) the Colts have chances to return to many, many more playoff games and/or AFC Championships. ALL HAIL!


B.YONEST “Sports” Newz: I LOVE the COLTS

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B.YONEST NEWZ.. Say what you will.. I’m a COLTS FAN! Let’s GO!

I’m sick of watching all of these people on television tell me the New York Jets are going to beat the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. GET REAL!! Yeah, I said it. Get real. You want a guarantee? Fine. I guarantee the Indianapolis Colts beat the New York Jets. Who the hell wants to see the Jets play the Saints or Vikings in the Super Bowl? The Colts vs. The Vikings? Yes. The Saints vs. the Colts? Yes. I’m just sayin. I guarantee a victory on Sunday. Shut up SportsCenter. Eff You, commentators. I can’t wait until Sunday.


B.YONEST “Sports” NEWZ: LeBron outlasts Kobe AGAIN

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B.YONEST NEWZ.. The Cavs beat the Lakers in Cleveland for SWEEP!

Mo Williams is injured for the next 4 to 6 weeks with a sprained shoulder. The Cleveland Cavaliers are in 1st place in the Eastern Conference and a win against the Los Angeles Lakers tonight would give them a sweep of the season series and a nice opportunity to place themselves in the drivers seat for home court supremacy. Tonight, they did just that on their home court. Lebron led the Cavs with 37 points (the last 12 in the fourth quarter) to a 93-87 win. That’s all I got. LeBron’s the best. Kobe is really good, but the torch is being passed. Uhhhhhh. MVP.. MVP!!


B.YONEST “Gossip” NEWZ: Heidi Montag sucks at EVERYTHING

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B.YONEST NEWZ..  Do you know how many albums she sold, people???

Okay, I’m not one for passing judgement on people or anything, but lets talk for a second. Can we? Okay, good. Heidi Montag is a f*ckin idiot, people. I know that was a rude way to start an article. but come on.

1. She’s married to Spencer Pratt. He’s the biggest douche since, Brian Boston Bean.

2. She had the audacity to lip sync at The Miss Universe Pageant.

3. This fool claims she had TEN Plastic Surgery installments in one damn day.

4. Again, she’s married to Spencer Pratt. I know it’s repetitious, but WTF?

5. This woman released an album and it sold less than 1,000 copies in the first week according to SoundScan. I DEFINITELY trust SoundScan. 1,000 copies.

I’m an emcee attempting to break into this media stream, but 1,000 copies Heidi. I think my daughter could drop an album right now and sell 1,000 copies. I genuinely believe that. Anyways, I just want “Herpes 1” and “Herpes 2” (thanks Chelsea) to disappear from Planet Earth, forever. Yes, Forever.


B.YONEST “Presidential” NEWZ: Barack Obama: For Better or Worse?

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B.YONEST NEWZ.. Obama’s approval numbers continue to lessen

January 20, 2009 marked one of the most historical days in the lives of damn near every living human being. The (SUPPOSEDLY) United States of America elected and welcomed the first African American President, Barack Hussein Obama. Obama’s campaign was based around two principles; hope and change. The Country and what seemed to be the World was ecstatic. There was a gratifying feeling and a weight lifted off of the shoulders of Americans, everywhere. My question is this, though. Was it more for the fact we had an African American President or based on the sole fact George W. bush was NOT our President, anymore?

Today, January 20th, 2010, if you were to ask individuals how President Obama is handling his Presidential Status, most would answer with severe negativity. The Country seemed to be separated (once again) for financial, religious and health reasons. What did you expect Barack to do, people? Walk into the “oval office,” press his I’M A NEGRO button and change ALL the madness created by our last Campaign of liars, cheaters and thieves? Take it for what you will. The man said it will take time. Obama told us ALL it will take patience. I’m pretty positive he said it will take a great deal of financial assistance. There is no question he told us it will take hope (over and over again.) Lastly, he said it will take commitment and dedication from U.S. Yes, you and I. US, people!

It has been Three Hundred and Sixty-Five days since Obama has taken over. Did you not forget Bush left us in War the last DECADE? Half the World still hates U.S. because of that assh*le so I imagine “Dr. Obama” has some sh*t to clean up before he can fix health care and benifits issues in America. I mean would you rather have the flu for an extra week for be nuked by Korea? You tell me. I’ll wait!

Let’s give Barack the time he deserves, worked for and earned when he was sworn in as the President of The United States of America. He’s been our President for one year. It’s impossible to establish your business in one year. he has three more years to work diligently and intelligently to fix this madness. We gave the “Bush Administration” eight years. Let’s talk in seven years and if you’re still unhappy.. I’ll write a new article about our new “African American” President. All Hail.


B.YONEST NEWZ: The Harm in Haiti is escalating STILL

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B.YONEST NEWZ… The people of Haiti are still in Great Need. HELP

I normally don’t speak on topics of such, but this calls for serious and sincere attention. The trauma and problems escalating in Haiti have the people rioting and fighting one another. Thousands of people are still missing and I feel that we need to bring as much attention to this as possible. The earthquake may have been a week ago, but the issues in Haiti will last for YEARS to come. We are not supposed to forget (as George W. Bush did to New Orleans.) Those people are our people because they are people. If you have no abilities to assist financially then do your absolute best to keep attention on the people in need.

Two Earthquakes in a short, short time period. They need help, everyone. I just hope, pray and imagine there is something we can all do. Go out of your way to keep attention on Haiti, everyone. In a time of crisis, sometimes all we need is a Support System. Again, everyone isn’t able to donate food, money or clothing. What you can do is talk about it, spread the word and keep the People of Haiti in your thoughts and prayers. Much Love.