B.YONEST “Gossip” NEWZ: Conan O’Brien is P*SSED

B.YONEST NEWZ.. Looks like Leno’s coming back to Tonight Show

Imagine NOT being funny and losing your job to someone less funny than you. OR having a great job and having your boss tell you “we’re going to move you to later in the night.” Welcome to Conan O’Brien’s World. Jay Leno’s show is BOMBing miserably and NBC feels like it needs to salvage his career. It seems like Leno is moving back to his normal television time and Conan is getting the boot. When I say boot, I mean either he’s leaving the Station (NBC) or he’s getting his television time moved back to Midnight (at the earliest). Time will tell, kiddos.


Sidenote: I don’t think Jay Leno’s show is doing terrible because of the time slot. I think it’s a terrible show and the man is not funny. He was getting embarrassed by David Letterman (as he will continue to) and Letterman’s on CBS having himself a great time. I hope this gets figured. NBC “needs” to get over themselves and bring JIMMY FALLON and CARSON DALY’s shows to the earlier time. Good dudes w/ good television. Remember where YOU heard it first…

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