B.YONEST “Sports” NEWZ: Jeron Lewis dies after fall

B.YONEST NEWZ.. 21 year-old basketball player passes away. GEEESH

Jeron Lewis, 21 year-old center of Southern Indiana passed away from (what appears to be) a head injury. Southern Indiana played Kentucky Wesleyan College, last night, and during a scuffle Lewis banged his head on the floor. Sources say, Lewis began convulsing under the basket.

“The play was under the basket. The ball was rebounded, we were on defense, and the next thing I knew — most everyone knew — all of a sudden the officials start blowing whistles, and Jeron was motionless with the trainer from Kentucky Wesleyan,” Southern Indiana athletic department spokesman Ray Simmons told The Associated Press. “They started giving him treatment, took him to the medical center. That is where he passed away.”

Lewis was pronounced dead @ 9:52 p.m. An autopsy was scheduled for Friday morning. This saddens me deeply. Remember Hank Gathers, everyone? He hooped w/ Bo Kimble @ Loyola Marymount and collapsed on the court in 1990. He passed away 2 hours later. Remember Reggie Lewis? He was one of the most prolific guards in the early/mid 1990’s. He passed away after a game as well. Just a sad way to die. You’re playing basketball one second and feel great. Next thing you know, Jesus calls. JUST CRAZY.. Much love and my heart goes to his (Lewis’) family and his newborn baby..


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