B.YONEST NEWZ: The Harm in Haiti is escalating STILL

B.YONEST NEWZ… The people of Haiti are still in Great Need. HELP

I normally don’t speak on topics of such, but this calls for serious and sincere attention. The trauma and problems escalating in Haiti have the people rioting and fighting one another. Thousands of people are still missing and I feel that we need to bring as much attention to this as possible. The earthquake may have been a week ago, but the issues in Haiti will last for YEARS to come. We are not supposed to forget (as George W. Bush did to New Orleans.) Those people are our people because they are people. If you have no abilities to assist financially then do your absolute best to keep attention on the people in need.

Two Earthquakes in a short, short time period. They need help, everyone. I just hope, pray and imagine there is something we can all do. Go out of your way to keep attention on Haiti, everyone. In a time of crisis, sometimes all we need is a Support System. Again, everyone isn’t able to donate food, money or clothing. What you can do is talk about it, spread the word and keep the People of Haiti in your thoughts and prayers. Much Love.


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