B.YONEST “Presidential” NEWZ: Barack Obama: For Better or Worse?

B.YONEST NEWZ.. Obama’s approval numbers continue to lessen

January 20, 2009 marked one of the most historical days in the lives of damn near every living human being. The (SUPPOSEDLY) United States of America elected and welcomed the first African American President, Barack Hussein Obama. Obama’s campaign was based around two principles; hope and change. The Country and what seemed to be the World was ecstatic. There was a gratifying feeling and a weight lifted off of the shoulders of Americans, everywhere. My question is this, though. Was it more for the fact we had an African American President or based on the sole fact George W. bush was NOT our President, anymore?

Today, January 20th, 2010, if you were to ask individuals how President Obama is handling his Presidential Status, most would answer with severe negativity. The Country seemed to be separated (once again) for financial, religious and health reasons. What did you expect Barack to do, people? Walk into the “oval office,” press his I’M A NEGRO button and change ALL the madness created by our last Campaign of liars, cheaters and thieves? Take it for what you will. The man said it will take time. Obama told us ALL it will take patience. I’m pretty positive he said it will take a great deal of financial assistance. There is no question he told us it will take hope (over and over again.) Lastly, he said it will take commitment and dedication from U.S. Yes, you and I. US, people!

It has been Three Hundred and Sixty-Five days since Obama has taken over. Did you not forget Bush left us in War the last DECADE? Half the World still hates U.S. because of that assh*le so I imagine “Dr. Obama” has some sh*t to clean up before he can fix health care and benifits issues in America. I mean would you rather have the flu for an extra week for be nuked by Korea? You tell me. I’ll wait!

Let’s give Barack the time he deserves, worked for and earned when he was sworn in as the President of The United States of America. He’s been our President for one year. It’s impossible to establish your business in one year. he has three more years to work diligently and intelligently to fix this madness. We gave the “Bush Administration” eight years. Let’s talk in seven years and if you’re still unhappy.. I’ll write a new article about our new “African American” President. All Hail.


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