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Chile Earthquake Devastation

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B.YONEST “Breaking” NEWZ: Chile hit 8.8 on the scale. Is the World Coming to an End?

What in the World is going on with the World? If it’s not a hurricane, it’s an Earthquake, Terrorist Attack or “just plain” murder. Chile, a South American Country on the Pacific Coast, was struck by an Earthquake leaving 214 dead (so far). Chile has had a outstanding history of Earthquakes so they were somewhat prepared for the madness. Due to their intellingence, more lives. The Earthquake hit a much higher magnitude level than Haiti, but thousands of peoples’ lives were not lost in comparison. I can’t keep up with the Countries and the madness happening there, anymore. I’ll have more news for you later!


Nascar takes on Vegas

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B.YONEST “Sports” NEWZ: Nascar to me is parties, cars and Danica Patrick

This weekend marks a historic date in the life of Team INVAZION; Our first Nascar Event. I’ve heard many thing about Nascar Events. They are a big party filled w/ drunken Caucasians, everywhere. Fortunately, through my brand ambassador work, we are getting paid to be there. Yes, I said getting paid to come to Las Vegas and go to the Nascar Event which tells me brand ambassador work is astronomically dope. There will be photos and some possible video coming soon. Enjoy your weekend, sports fans. While you’re watching the Olympics, I’ll be partying w/ the “Crazy Caucasians..”


Westbrook released from Eagles

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B.YONEST “Sports” NEWZ: Philadelphia backfield is set to change

Brian Westbrook, phenomenal talent of the Philadelphia Eagles, is the latest running back to fall victim to my “Jamal Anderson” rule. The Philadelphia Eagles released Westbrook this morning. He had and extreme amount of injuries and concussions (the last three seasons) so it seemed inevitable. The question is will Westbrook be effective somewhere else?

Over the last six seasons, you couldn’t mention NFL running back without thinking of Brian Westbrook. He’s a complete running back. Great blocker, phenomenal out of the back field (as a receiver) and an obvious team leader. I imagine he’s going to be a hot commodity this off-season as many teams will be searching for the other half of their two headed monster. I think he’s going to end up in Minnesota, truthfully. Go Vikings.


Growing Pains Star Missing

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B.YONEST “Celebrity” NEWZ; Andrew Koenig is nowhere to be found

Andrew Koenig, child star on the sitcom Growing Pains, has been missing since Valentine’s Day. His family is beginning to believe he “harmed” himself due to his constant battle with depression. Koenig traveled to Vancouver to visit good friends and hasn’t been heard from since. There have been many reports of “sighings” of Koenig @ The Olympic grounds and such, but no close family members have been able to reach him. More news to come.


Why are you obsessed w/ the Kardashians?

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B.YONEST “Entertainment” NEWZ: Annoying Family famous as ever!

You take two hot sisters and a decent looking one. Add a plastic faced mother and a “has been,”plastic faced Decathlete (as a stepfather) and you have the most famous family in “nonreality” Reality Television since the Brady Family. Oh, that wasn’t reality. The damn Kardashian’s are too famous for their own good. Sinseriously!

Kim can’t have sex on camera without the world knowing. Kourtney has a baby w/a retard (Scott) and the world jumps for joy in attempt to find some baby photos. Khloe lies to the world and says she’s pregnant and EVERYONE acts as if the Universe is stopping. She marries Lamar Odom (in what appears to be the most set up Wedding since Coming to America) and everyone thinks it’s real. GET REAL!

I don’t know. I find the Kardashians humorous in moderation. Every now and again, I’ll come across Channel E and find myself drooling of the “old” Kourtney Kardashian. The fact that Khloe is married makes me chuckle more than anything, truthfully. Married, Khloe? Really? I know Kourtney was getting too much attention and Kim is a baller so you felt left out. You married Lamar hoping you would have a baby and get some attention. Hope it all works out for you girl. Get ‘Em.


Hater or Biter: Which are YOU?

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B.YONEST NEWZ: What happened to Humility and Originality?

Question, People! Are you a hater or a biter? What seemed to be a degenerates battle between the “real” and the “fake” has switched to a more ridiculous Worlds’ travesty. The Real Hard workers are @ a stand still due to the torrential amount of haters and biters in the Universe. I mean D.A.M.N.! Let’s just talk about it, can we?

“Everytime I’m in the kitchen, you in the kitchen.” Every time I and/or we concoct a genuis idea some copy-cat, etch-a-sketch, individual does one of two things. Keep up, okay..

Number One: Most individuals will attempt to slight a B.YONEST conceptualization as ridiculous or rash. In the pit of their gut they are disgruntled with a case of extreme jealousy and rage that forces them to act as if “my shit aint beyond on point. They see me in the club and intentionally don’t speak (due to their lack of intellect and self righteousness.) The thought of my success makes them want to murder me and my “I.S.” SQWAD, but we say f*ck ’em. Why? Because either you love us or you wanna fight us.. Either way… We Win! Thanks Hater(s).

Option B: They still Hate! No question about that. The difference is these people hate @ a much closer range. They say we’re friends and/or homies, BUT they end up doing the EXACT same thing(s) I do. Wearing my clothes! Well, not my clothes but a less fashionable replica! Saying my words and phrases. The Hollawonimo, schnarf, schnarf, “Cut Da Check”, etc, etc. I could go on and on about these jack asses. I’ve seen it time and time again.

The worse part about these people, the BITERS, is they don’t give us the copyright/bite credit we deserve. I mean, if I do a cover song (which still has ALL my own words written 95 percent of the time), I give credit to the creator. These bitin’ ass, wanna be B’s, watch my every move and adjust their “whole swag” to match, buster, butt pluggers DO NOT say.. “Yeah, I bit that from B.YONEST.” Why is that, you ask? They don’t want the HATERS to diss them for BITIN off me! It’s a never ending cycle of stupidity if you ask me! What’s ANONYMOUZ to do?

Listen people! I understand you idiots can’t think for yourselves so you wait for me to make my next move before you do ANYTHING. I know copying is a case/form of flattery, but it’s we’re not flattered. We want you to eat sh*t! All of you! Stop Bitin’. It’s almost worse than Snitchin’. Shit’s stupid. Haters, we appreciate you. To fight you is like fighting racist white people. You’ll never go away! Thanks for the support, though.


The Cavs in a Three Game Slump

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B.YONEST “Sportz” NEWZ: LeBronValiers have some changes to make!

The Cleveland Cavaliers were on a 13 game winning streak entering All-Star Weekend. 1st place in the Eastern Conference and the best record in the NBA. They looked amazing. Next thing you know, Mo Williams returned, Zydrunas Ilgauskus was traded, Antawn Jamison was welcomed to the roster and they’ve lost three games straight. What is the team to do?

The Denver Nuggets beat them first and we’re all think “Great game. They’ll bounce back.” I mean Jamison did shoot 0 for 12 from the field that day. Moving on, the Charlotte Bobcats blow them the f*ck out and we’re wondering if Mo came back too soon. Yesterday, they lost to the Orlando Magic; a team they have beat twice this season. Now, the State of Ohio is going ballistic. Stay calm, people! It’s going to be okay. Adversity. Say it with me. Adversity!

Fact, The Cavs haven’t lost three games straight for over two years. I understand why some of you might be distressed. You must be patient though, homies. Mo “Will” will return to “Mo Will.” Antawn Jamison will become comfortable within the offensive scheme and the Cavs are going to be DOPE. Zydrunas may even return to the roster! Then sh*t’s going to get really “jacked up” for opponents. As long as LeBron stays patient and consistent, Shaq keeps banging for 16 and 10 and they stay focused, The Cleveland Cavaliers will win the Championship. “Nuff Said!


Tiger Woods: “I had affairs. I cheated.”

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B.YONEST “Celebrity” NEWZ; All he can do is apologize and move on!

Ponte Verda Beach, Fl- Tiger Woods stepped onto a podium (in front of the World) and spoke for the first time in three months. He spoke with diligence and what seemed to be sincerity in his voice. He apologized numerous times and took extra time to explain Elin never put her hands on Tiger. He admitted he was unfaithful and cheated on his wife.

“I’m deeply sorry for my selfish and irresponsible actions,” he said calmly. My behavior has been a personal disappointment. To everyone involved in my staff, our work is more important than ever.”

I didn’t know Tiger had it in him to step up to the plate like this, truly. I expected the man to sugar coat and coax over the things he did. Not even close! Woods walked up to that podium, held his chest high and spoke up like a man. Most of  you know I can’t stand Tiger, BUT I will give him credit for his admitting his wrong doings, accepting his responsibility, defending his wife and telling the world “I NEED HELP.”

“Whatever my wrongdoings, for the sake of my family, please leave my wife and kids alone,” Tiger requested. I can understand that completely. His family had nothing to do with him “banging” 88 women. There’s no need to be following children to school and stalking his wife down as she drinks a latte. I’m just sayin. Will Tiger (eventually) speak out and tell the World how many women he banged and the details of his escapades? Abbzolutely NOT! Tiger is the most personal Celebrity on the planet. The chances of him answering Barbara Walters questions are damn near impossible.

“I will return to golf, one day,” Woods stated. Hell yeah you will, homie. The game aint the same without you and I don’t even like gold. As Tiger left the room, you could see the discomfort in his face and demeanor. I truly hope (for is sake) this begins the healing process for him and his family. The fact he stood in front of a camera today, shows extensive growth for Mr. Woods. I don’t condone his actions (necessarily), but he’s human people. Now get over it, let him live and get his ass back on the golf course.


Vancouver Olympics: Shaun White goes GOLD on Halfpipe

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B.YONEST “Sports” Newz: Shaun White repeats as Gold Medalist. The Best “Boarder” EVER.

Yep, it’s official. Give Shaun White a board; Snowboard, skateboard. Sh*t any kind of board and the man is going to be the best @ it period. I mean any man who has a private halfpipe and wins medals in the Winter Olympics and X Games is a bad “mo fo.” Don’t you agree. LETZ BYONEST. No one watches the Winter Olympics REALLY. I mean, yes I catch myself tuning into the events that interest me, but i don’t genuinely watch them. Anything Shaun White does though; I’m paying attention and watching in it’s entirety. I couldn’t tell you the difference between a tail drag, whip kick, 1280 with a shake snap. Yes, I’m aware NONE of those are legitimate Snowboard moves.

Make sure you stomp the sh*t out of it,” White’s coach said of his last run down the Pipe. Shaun had already won the Gold Medal and had one last run; his “victory lap” of sorts. NBC announcers were forced to apologize for the language because the Snowboard Team were going crazy. They were dropping “f-bombs” and “sh*ts” all over the place. Sh*t was DOPE. Congratulations Shaun White! You’re clearly the best (cronic smoking) Snowboarder, skaterboarder ninja.. Since.. SENSE!


George Karl in the fight of his life, AGAIN!

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B.YONEST “Celebrity” NEWZ: Nuggets coached diagnosed with Cancer

Every now and again, the Sports and/or Entertainment World is brought down to reality and forced to deal w/ the fact that Basketball is just a game. A movie is just that; a movie played by real actors. We as people as fans allow ourselves to place these individuals on pedestals forgetting they are just human beings w/ extreme talents and wealth. With that said, George Karl (long time NBA Coach) has been diagnosed w/ throat and neck Cancer.

“Cancer is a vicious opponent,” he said. “Even the ones that are treatable, you never get a 100-percent guaranteed contract.”

The form or Cancer found on Karl’s neck is very curable and treatable. There are no guarantees for his future, but doctors say it looks good. Karl will receive 35 sessions over the next two months for his “squamous” neck/cell head cancer. Coach Karl is of my favorites. I love the Denver Nuggets. They are a great young team w/ a great deal of young talent and Veteran Leadership. Good Luck Coach!