Nate Robinson Wins Dunk Contest

B.YONEST “Sports” NEWZ: Damn, lil homie has SERIOUS hopz!

You know what they say, right? It’’s not a fluke if you repeat it. Some of you like me have watched Nate Robinson participate in the NBA Slam Dunk contest in astonishment at the mans’ jumping abilities. Last night (in Dallas), Robinson REPEATED as he won the 2010 Dunk Contest. It’s craz, right? Homie is what; 5′7″ on his BEST day! I’ve dunked before, but NEVER like this dude.

Did I mention Robinson won his third Dunk Contest Championship. Yes, it may have come against lesser talent than the Jordan, Wilkins, Spud Webb, Larry Nance, etc days, but he’s beat some notable dunkers. LETZ BYONEST! We missed LeBron James this year, FACT. I would love to throw a roster of dunkers together and force them to participate. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Damn, LeBron James in a Dunk Contest!!? Maybe one day! Anyways, Congratulation Nate “Rob.” Much Respecet from us less fortunate dunkers!



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