Tila Tequila is a RaTARD! Miscarriage NOW?

B.YONEST “Gossip” NEWZ: Stupid lesbian  is having a miscarrige?

First and foremost, it’s not funny to claim men beat you up. Secondly, faking pregnancies isn’t cool either. With that said, Tila Tequila is a complete RaTARD! YES, I said a RaTARD! She’s had boyfriends, girlfriends, celebrity partners and all that madness. Can someone tell why this idiot is even famous? I’ll Wait! I understand she’s a sexxy Asian chick, but so is Lucy Lui. Again, why is this idiot famous?

TILA Released this “ridiculous ass” statement on Twitter..

– I just woke up in the middle of the night cuz im having these intense sharp pains in my belly. it hurts so much that Im crying wtf.  Trust me. I HATE AMBULANCE! They call all the paparazzi’s & its so invasive & everyone all up in my business. I dont like that. at all. – I REFUSE to go to the hospital. I did last time and look what happened? Media EXPLOITS all of my pains and serious accidents. NOT OK”

I’ll have some more news for you sooner or LATER. Unfortunately, the World still cares about this madness. ALL HAIL!!


Sidenote: Did I mention she’s also been speaking of Suicide and Adoption, too. she claims she’s going to adopt a baby from Russia and if she had a miscarriage she would commit suiicide. Now, I’m not a fan of anyone speaking about murdering themselves, but “maybe” one less Tequila (in the World) wouldn’t hurt so bad. Jus Sayin.

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