George Karl in the fight of his life, AGAIN!

B.YONEST “Celebrity” NEWZ: Nuggets coached diagnosed with Cancer

Every now and again, the Sports and/or Entertainment World is brought down to reality and forced to deal w/ the fact that Basketball is just a game. A movie is just that; a movie played by real actors. We as people as fans allow ourselves to place these individuals on pedestals forgetting they are just human beings w/ extreme talents and wealth. With that said, George Karl (long time NBA Coach) has been diagnosed w/ throat and neck Cancer.

“Cancer is a vicious opponent,” he said. “Even the ones that are treatable, you never get a 100-percent guaranteed contract.”

The form or Cancer found on Karl’s neck is very curable and treatable. There are no guarantees for his future, but doctors say it looks good. Karl will receive 35 sessions over the next two months for his “squamous” neck/cell head cancer. Coach Karl is of my favorites. I love the Denver Nuggets. They are a great young team w/ a great deal of young talent and Veteran Leadership. Good Luck Coach!


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