Vancouver Olympics: Shaun White goes GOLD on Halfpipe

B.YONEST “Sports” Newz: Shaun White repeats as Gold Medalist. The Best “Boarder” EVER.

Yep, it’s official. Give Shaun White a board; Snowboard, skateboard. Sh*t any kind of board and the man is going to be the best @ it period. I mean any man who has a private halfpipe and wins medals in the Winter Olympics and X Games is a bad “mo fo.” Don’t you agree. LETZ BYONEST. No one watches the Winter Olympics REALLY. I mean, yes I catch myself tuning into the events that interest me, but i don’t genuinely watch them. Anything Shaun White does though; I’m paying attention and watching in it’s entirety. I couldn’t tell you the difference between a tail drag, whip kick, 1280 with a shake snap. Yes, I’m aware NONE of those are legitimate Snowboard moves.

Make sure you stomp the sh*t out of it,” White’s coach said of his last run down the Pipe. Shaun had already won the Gold Medal and had one last run; his “victory lap” of sorts. NBC announcers were forced to apologize for the language because the Snowboard Team were going crazy. They were dropping “f-bombs” and “sh*ts” all over the place. Sh*t was DOPE. Congratulations Shaun White! You’re clearly the best (cronic smoking) Snowboarder, skaterboarder ninja.. Since.. SENSE!



One Response to “Vancouver Olympics: Shaun White goes GOLD on Halfpipe”

  1. Some fantastic insights there. Great job and perhaps when I have time, I will return and read some more of your blog.

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