Hater or Biter: Which are YOU?

B.YONEST NEWZ: What happened to Humility and Originality?

Question, People! Are you a hater or a biter? What seemed to be a degenerates battle between the “real” and the “fake” has switched to a more ridiculous Worlds’ travesty. The Real Hard workers are @ a stand still due to the torrential amount of haters and biters in the Universe. I mean D.A.M.N.! Let’s just talk about it, can we?

“Everytime I’m in the kitchen, you in the kitchen.” Every time I and/or we concoct a genuis idea some copy-cat, etch-a-sketch, individual does one of two things. Keep up, okay..

Number One: Most individuals will attempt to slight a B.YONEST conceptualization as ridiculous or rash. In the pit of their gut they are disgruntled with a case of extreme jealousy and rage that forces them to act as if “my shit aint beyond on point. They see me in the club and intentionally don’t speak (due to their lack of intellect and self righteousness.) The thought of my success makes them want to murder me and my “I.S.” SQWAD, but we say f*ck ’em. Why? Because either you love us or you wanna fight us.. Either way… We Win! Thanks Hater(s).

Option B: They still Hate! No question about that. The difference is these people hate @ a much closer range. They say we’re friends and/or homies, BUT they end up doing the EXACT same thing(s) I do. Wearing my clothes! Well, not my clothes but a less fashionable replica! Saying my words and phrases. The Hollawonimo, schnarf, schnarf, “Cut Da Check”, etc, etc. I could go on and on about these jack asses. I’ve seen it time and time again.

The worse part about these people, the BITERS, is they don’t give us the copyright/bite credit we deserve. I mean, if I do a cover song (which still has ALL my own words written 95 percent of the time), I give credit to the creator. These bitin’ ass, wanna be B’s, watch my every move and adjust their “whole swag” to match, buster, butt pluggers DO NOT say.. “Yeah, I bit that from B.YONEST.” Why is that, you ask? They don’t want the HATERS to diss them for BITIN off me! It’s a never ending cycle of stupidity if you ask me! What’s ANONYMOUZ to do?

Listen people! I understand you idiots can’t think for yourselves so you wait for me to make my next move before you do ANYTHING. I know copying is a case/form of flattery, but it’s we’re not flattered. We want you to eat sh*t! All of you! Stop Bitin’. It’s almost worse than Snitchin’. Shit’s stupid. Haters, we appreciate you. To fight you is like fighting racist white people. You’ll never go away! Thanks for the support, though.



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