The Cavs in a Three Game Slump

B.YONEST “Sportz” NEWZ: LeBronValiers have some changes to make!

The Cleveland Cavaliers were on a 13 game winning streak entering All-Star Weekend. 1st place in the Eastern Conference and the best record in the NBA. They looked amazing. Next thing you know, Mo Williams returned, Zydrunas Ilgauskus was traded, Antawn Jamison was welcomed to the roster and they’ve lost three games straight. What is the team to do?

The Denver Nuggets beat them first and we’re all think “Great game. They’ll bounce back.” I mean Jamison did shoot 0 for 12 from the field that day. Moving on, the Charlotte Bobcats blow them the f*ck out and we’re wondering if Mo came back too soon. Yesterday, they lost to the Orlando Magic; a team they have beat twice this season. Now, the State of Ohio is going ballistic. Stay calm, people! It’s going to be okay. Adversity. Say it with me. Adversity!

Fact, The Cavs haven’t lost three games straight for over two years. I understand why some of you might be distressed. You must be patient though, homies. Mo “Will” will return to “Mo Will.” Antawn Jamison will become comfortable within the offensive scheme and the Cavs are going to be DOPE. Zydrunas may even return to the roster! Then sh*t’s going to get really “jacked up” for opponents. As long as LeBron stays patient and consistent, Shaq keeps banging for 16 and 10 and they stay focused, The Cleveland Cavaliers will win the Championship. “Nuff Said!


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