Why are you obsessed w/ the Kardashians?

B.YONEST “Entertainment” NEWZ: Annoying Family famous as ever!

You take two hot sisters and a decent looking one. Add a plastic faced mother and a “has been,”plastic faced Decathlete (as a stepfather) and you have the most famous family in “nonreality” Reality Television since the Brady Family. Oh, that wasn’t reality. The damn Kardashian’s are too famous for their own good. Sinseriously!

Kim can’t have sex on camera without the world knowing. Kourtney has a baby w/a retard (Scott) and the world jumps for joy in attempt to find some baby photos. Khloe lies to the world and says she’s pregnant and EVERYONE acts as if the Universe is stopping. She marries Lamar Odom (in what appears to be the most set up Wedding since Coming to America) and everyone thinks it’s real. GET REAL!

I don’t know. I find the Kardashians humorous in moderation. Every now and again, I’ll come across Channel E and find myself drooling of the “old” Kourtney Kardashian. The fact that Khloe is married makes me chuckle more than anything, truthfully. Married, Khloe? Really? I know Kourtney was getting too much attention and Kim is a baller so you felt left out. You married Lamar hoping you would have a baby and get some attention. Hope it all works out for you girl. Get ‘Em.


One Response to “Why are you obsessed w/ the Kardashians?”

  1. […] Guess What World. Tonight, November 4th is the night you get to see “The Wedding.” No not Ivanka Trump and her idiot husband, but The Kardashians Season Premiere is on and that only means one thing. Kourtney’s baby? NOPE. Kim and Reggie Sex Tape? NOPE. Bruce Jenner comes out and admits he’s gay and his son “Brody” IS a tool? NOPE. Give up!?? Khloe and Lamar’s wedding is kicking off the big season. Not so much the wedding, but the Drama that Khloe and her goofball sisters get into leading up to the wedding. I mean, THAT’S REALITY. WHY do you LOVE these people?? […]

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