March Madness: State of OHIO is 5-1

B.YONEST “Sports” NEWZ:  Ohio University… Who Knew?

The first weekend of March Madness was enough to bust every human being who had the audacity to fill out a Bracket. Kansas, Georgetown and Villanova all lost leaving a bunch of 9, 11 and 12 seeds in the Sweet 16. Cornell.. In there.. Northern Iowa?? Who saw that coming. Kansas was THE Number One seed and anyone who picked N.I. over them HAS to go to school there. What an awesome weekend. My question is this. Did you know the State of Ohio finished the 1st weekend 5-1.?

Ohio State won two games, Xavier won two games, Ohio University won a game and was defeated by Tennessee. 5-1 isn’t bad. Rather unexpected if you ask me. If Ohio University would’ve found a way to upset Tennessee like the did Georgetown, Ohio State would be facing Ohio University! Just a little sidenote on The Tournament. Enjoy yourselves. Maybe now we can just sity back and watch some “hoops” since we’re ALL f*cked, bracket wise…


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