NFL Passes Postseason Rule

B.YONEST “Sports” NEWZ: Overtime may become more fair.. FINALLY!

Too bad the Minnesota Vikings can’t utilize this rule NOW, huh? The NFL and Roger Goodell FINALLY agreed w/ the rest of humanity and decided both teams deserve the ball in Overtime. No more sudden death. Some of you may not appreciate it, but come on people. Let’s be realistic about this, shall we. The team that wins the coin toss wins 70 percent of the time. Case closed. Overtime isn’t about playing football. The game is (basically) decided before overtime starts. NOT COOL. Now, times have changed and this may be the thing to make Brett Favre return to the NFL again, huh?


Sidenote: I think the NFL is beginning to make some sincere changes. Goodell is not putting up with disciplinary tish bull. Individuals caught messing up are receiving the proper “punishment” to hopefully turn their attitudes around. Goodell has done a fairly great job since taking over and I think it deserves to be recognized. No Salary Cap and now a new Postseason rule.. Well done “Rog…”


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