Tiger Woods says “Thank You Jesse James”

B.YONEST “Gossip” NEWZ: The Mistress Saga Continues.. Sexual Snitches

Damn Jesse, Damn! Jesse James’ second whore (I mean mistress) has come out and she’s more disgusting than the tattooed forehead chick Michelle McGee. This woman, Melissa Smith, is a real hot mess. Arrests for DUI’s, beating up police officers and exploiting her two year affair to a Tabloid the same day she was arrested. Well dumb, Jesse. No, NOT well done. Well Dumb. T

iger Woods is sitting in his house with his face in Elins v*gina, thanking God. I think Tiger may have broken the Gossip News on Jesse, personally. It’s too similar and Tiger is too close to The Masters to be worried about the sl*ts he was bangin’ before. Now that the attention is on Jesse, Tiger is like… “See, David Letterman, Jesse James… I’m not the only one..” PRICELESS



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