Greys Anatomy: No more “Izzy Stevens”

B.YONEST “Entertainment” NEWZ: Katherine Heigl is leaving Grey’s

It’s official, folks. No more Katherine Heigl.  I (personally) haven’t seen an episode of Grey’s Anatomy since Izzy got cancer, left the show, came back and looked miserable. Now, she’s leaving. What the hell is going on with Grey’s anyway? I watch Nurse Jackie now and I don’t have time for two Doctor/Nurse/Hospital shows. Moving on, can one of you tell me what’s been going on @ Seattle Grace? Much love..


Sidenote: There used to be a day when we cared for characters of shows. We didn’t know all their personal life like Heigl wants to do movies and expand so she’s not concerned with Grey’s Anatomy anymore. Now that I know that, the sadness of “Izzy” leaving is ruined. People like.. Me blog about this madness and ruin the element of “surprise” for everyone.. Yeah, I know!!


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