Celebrity Apprentice: Darryl Strawberry CRACKS out

B.YONEST “Entertainment” NEWZ: Strawberry fires himself. WTF?

I’m not a reality television show watcher as most of you know, by now. I caught myself watching the tail end of Celebrity Apprentice tonight. Darryl “Crackhead” Strawberry fired himelf in the board room. When asked “Who do you think should get sent home,” by Donald Trump, Strawberry replied “Send me home, Mr. Trump.”  He claimed he wanted to go home because his team did so great and he didn’t want to see them  leave, but I think the “Crack” was calling. He looked tired, bored and “itching” to get high. Poor Darryl. That crack made him a quitter. Mind you, this is speculation. I’m jus’ sayin. Crack kills.


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