Final Four: How boring is this gonna be?

B.YONEST “Sports” NEWZ: NCAA Tournament. Classic or Failure?

The National Championship game could consist of The Duke Blue Devils vs. The Butler Bulldogs. The Tournament has to be considered one of the best tournaments, well.. “Of all time..” My question is this though. Who the hell wants to watch Butler vs. Duke. I don’t think “necessarily” that will be the two to reach the National Championship. Duke has to beat Purdue today and Tennessee vs Michigan State will decide who plays Butler in the National Semifinal, but they are IN. What a Tournament, huh?

No North Carolina. Kansas knocked out earlier than expected. No Kentucky in the Final Four. Arizona didn’t make the Tournament. The only #1 Seed left is Duke. Yes, I hate them, but I’ll give them credit. They may make a Final Four this year. IF they don’t win the National Championship, though.. IS It another failure season for Duke. I mean the Buffalo Bills got the Super Bowl like seventeen times straight, but NEVER won. Failure. I’m just sayin’. Time will tell, but this BY FAR has been one of the most “interesting” Tournaments I’ve seen. The GREATEST? To be determined.


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