9 teens charged in Phoebe Prince Suicide

B.YONEST NEWZ: What a tragedy for everyone involved

NorthHampton: Phoebe Prince, a fifteen year old immigrant of Ireland hanged herself in her house after dealing with weeks of Facebook threats, torment and problems in the hallway @ school. Today nine teenagers, three were juveniles, were charged w/ the death and statutory rape of Prince. I say F*CK YEAH!!

“It appears that Phoebe’s death on Jan. 14 followed a torturous day for her, in which she was subjected to verbal harassment and threatened physical abuse,” said Scheibel.

Elizabeth D. Scheibel is the Northwest District Attorney. What a sad travesty for everyone involved here. So many families are ripped @ the core and a little girl lost her life due to teasing and harassment. None of this needed to happened and some individuals insecurities cost another child her life. Down right ridiculous. I don’t normally blog about topics as such, but there’s a valuable lesson to be learned here if you ask me. At least something to teach daughters, right? Rest in PEACE, Phoebe.


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