Butler Bulldogs: How much pressure do they feel?

B.YONEST “Sports” NEWZ: Michigan State knows how they feel. Kinda!

Yes, the Butler Bulldogs are in The Final Four in their hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana. They didn’t have to travel or spend their week in an uncomfortable hotel room. Okay, the hotel rooms are top notch, but you get my drift. They have a city on their side and that can be perceived as a good thing, but is it? The city of Indianapolis is full of individuals wearing “Bulldogs”, “Butler” and every other form of attire representing the “hometown heroes.” Most people say they are going to win it all, but are they stuck in a rut of hope OR is it a realm of complete possibility?

Butler plays The Michigan State Spartans as you know. Michigan State was in a somewhat similar position last year in The Final Four and they got BLASTED by a North Carolina team on a MISSION. The Spartans were in Detroit, not East Lansing, but the whole State was preparing to represent The Spartans. Unfortunately, the story ended sadly for MSU and it seems they are a team on a MISSION this year looking to end the hopes and dreams of Butler. Talk about something “in the air.” See you soon, kids.


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