Cavaliers Clinch Eastern Conference

B.YONEST “Sports” NEWZ: LeBronValiers are the BEST. Questions?

Last night, The Cleveland Cavaliers defeated The Atlanta Hawks (for the 8th straight time) and clinched the Eastern Conference. They successfully reached 60 games (with six games to go) LeBron continued his progress towards a perfect season. Steals, blocks, points, rebounds, charisma and charm are a few of the delightful items LeBron brings (not only to the basketball court, but) the City of Cleveland night in and night out. Is he leaving Cleveland?

I would all, but guarantee LeBron isn’t going anywhere. Kobe will remain a Laker forever. Reggie stayed with The Pacers. Magic and Larry remained in Los Angeles and Boston, forever. I think if LeBron wants to be considered one of the greats he needs to stay in Cleveland for his career. Did it blemish Charles Barkley or Shaquille O’neal; definitely not, but Michael Jordan didn’t remain with the Chicago Bulls forever, but I GUARANTEE he would’ve like to end there. Phil Jackson, a Championship, fading off into the sunset. Think about it Mr. James.


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