Final Four: Butler wins National Semifinal

B.YONEST “Sports” NEWZ: Butler beats Spartans to Advance to Dance

Some say when it comes to March Madness to expect the unexpected. Last second buzzer beaters, surprise stars arise and teams pull wins out of nowhere to make their season feel like “Magic.” The Butler Bulldogs continued their run towards a Magical Season by defeating Michigan State in the National Semifinals. What the filth fanderin’ filth, people? Butler in the National Championship? Yeah R.I.G.H.T. I repeat, the Butler Bulldogs went home to Indianapolis, Indiana, beat the Michigan State Spartans and are going to the National Championship.

Butler is out of a “Mid-Major” Conference. They play the likes of Detroit, Wiconsin-Green Bay and such. They went undefeated in the Conference, though people. They have won 25 straight games and are 33-4 with one Senior starter. They started the season ranked #11 in the Country. In other words, Butler can flat out hoop. They are FOR REAL. I look forward to them defeating West Virginia on Monday in the National Championship game. Go Butler.


Sidenote: Give it up to Gordon Hayward of Butler. I looked at him and started to laugh when they introduced him, but had he not started the game with Buttler’s first two three pointers, they would’ve gotten blown out early. Hayward and Butler are going to the National Championship. Get Real!

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