Donovan McNabb traded to Washington Redskins?

B.YONEST “Sports” NEWZ: That doesn’t even sound right to me.

The Washington Redskins just became a playoff contender over night as far as I’m concerned. The Philadelphia Eagles are “effin” retarded. Not only did they trade Donovan, but they traded him to a NFC Contender. I really, really hope they see them in the playoffs and put the ultimate ass kicking on Philadelphia. No, I don’t give two sh*ts about either team. This is a story of principle. When someone gives you a decade plus of great football, positive attitude and respect, you return it SOMEHOW.

The city, fans and people in Philadelphia have done nothing, but dogg and diss McNabb for years. He STILL wanted to remain in Philadelphia and finish his career. Loyalty will take you a long way in this World. Best of luck to you Mr. McNabb. You handle yourself with great charisma and diligence. Hopefully, you can go to Washington and receive a little of the respect you deserve back, player. #HOLLAWONIMO


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