Maurice Clarett is “HALFWAY” out

B.YONEST “Entertainment” NEWZ” Clarett free from Jail. Still not FREE

Maurice Clarett was released from Prison after serving 3 1/2 years. He was due to serve seven after being caught in Columbus, Ohio with guns, alcohol and intense issues late one night. Clarett was charged with aggravated robbery carrying a concealed weapon. Most of you remember and know that story by now. The aftermath of Maurice Claretts’ early release is my concern and/or question(s)?

Maurice has been blogging, writing and thinking deeply for three years straight. He’s sat in a jail cell while people he knows and used to be friends with became famous, rich and gained extreme advantages from Maurice Clarett being excellent in football and after he went to jail. People he grew up with turned their backs on him and left him hanging after he was arrested. These are the same people who carried his “jock strap” in high school for him and took his tests for him @ Ohio State (his freshman year when he rushed for 1,238 years in 8 GAMES.) Let’s NOT forget how talented, charismatic and hungry Maurice Clarett is, people.

It seems to me that Clarett has never had a good person in his ear delivering somewhat intelligent feedback on his life and career. He made some terrible decisions, but that doesn’t make him a terrible person. Over the next year or so, Clarett has a great opportunity to show friends, family, strangers, football coaches, other athletes, but MOST importantly… He has an opportunity to prove to himself he has grown as a man and person. I can imagine being thrown into the National Spotlight @ 19 years old can be difficult for some. Youngstown aint the easiest place to be raised, either. Good luck Maurice. I’ll continue to keep up on your progress, player! Stay safe. Most importantly.. BE SMART, Maurice.


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