The Masters Begins Today: Tiger is BACK

B.YONEST “Sports” NEWZ: Tiger Woods! Can he get it DONE?

Augusta, Georgia – Today marks the day most individuals following the Tiger Woods scandal have been dreaming and waiting for. Tiger Woods is reporting  back to work and playing golf, again. Who knew? What puzzles me is this… Why did Tiger get to quit work for 8 months due to a sex addiction? I couldn’t get a 6 month leave of absence if I wanted to f*ck a lot. Tish Bull. Elin has already reported that she will NOT be in attendance so Tiger should play with a spinning brain and heavy heart. Can he win, though?

The crazy thing is no one is expecting Tiger to come out and have an especially great Tournament, BUT what if he does? If Tiger comes out, plays good enough golf to win and receives the green jacket, GOLF is in trouble. There will be a day that Tiger clears his mind and gets back in the “swing” of things.  If and when that happens, there may not be another person to win a Tournament for YEARS. I’m just sayin’. The stars are out, The Masters has began and Tiger Woods, I repeat Eldrick “Tiger” Woods is BACK. Good luck, golfers.


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