Celebrity Cheaters: Jesse, Tiger and… Tiki Barber?

B.YONEST “Gossip” NEWZ; Who’s really surprised, Anymore. REALLY!

I bet you guys would have NEVER seen this one comin’, huh? You ready..? Tiki Barber is rumored to be bangin’ his babysitter. Well,  not his babysitter, but the babysitter of his children. DUH! Tiki and his wife, Ginny, have decided to separate (even though she’s pregnant with twins) and the babysitter, Traci Lynn Johnson seems to be part (and by part I mean 99.9 percent) of the reason. Johnson, 23 years-old told her family her and Tiki were so close because she was his intern and the “family babysitter.” HMMMMM! In other news, I always thought Tiki and/or his brother, Ronde, were gay. Them and Quadry Ismail, too. Who knows?


Sidenote: Normally after one mistress is found, the next seventeen come out soon after. Good luck, Tiki. It’s about to get SERIOUS. Damn, what happened to Celebrity Sex Tapes? Bring those back. This Celebrity Cheater sh*t is riDICKulous. Who actually thinks Celebrities are faithful… COME ON, Seriously!!!

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