Sandra Bullock: Why she got Jesse’s kids?

B.YONEST “Gossip” NEWZ: Bullock has James’ three children.. STILL!!

Rumor has it, while Jesse handles all of his issues with his sexual addiction(s), Sandra has remained in custody of Jesse’s three children. Some may look @ this as a positive for their relationship (and that’s fine and dandy), but I see it as more of an AWESOME gesture on Sandra’s part. Maybe she’s formed a super bond w/ those kids and doesn’t want them to leave. Maybe the kids love staying with Sandra and don’t wanna leave. Whatever the reason may be, Bullock has (supposedly) stepped up to the plate since day one with James’ children. For that, we must applaud. Sandra B has had a pretty crazy year, thus far. Win an Oscar and two weeks later, your life is upside down and rumors of your husband bangin’ hookers,strippers, tattooed mongrels and more come to the front. Damn, Sandra. Damn.


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