Let’s talk LeBron

B.YONEST “Sports” NEWZ: Seriously, people. I’m not bias. Dude’s Dope

“If I wanted to. Like if I really put my mind to it and felt like it, I could win the scoring title every year. EVERY year. It’s just not that important to me.”

Some people hear LeBron James say that and think he’s being arrogant and cocky (which may be partly true). The fact is this; IF LeBron decided to win the scoring title and MVP for the next decade, he could. No question about it. Think about it, humans and aliens.

Dude busted for 40 points, 8 assists and 8 rebounds. If he genuinely applied himself,  he could probably average a triple-double. Yep I said it. Take his 8 assists and make them three and give him the additional poinnts and LeBron would’ve had 50. Given the FACT that he has @ least 7 assists/game, that’s another 14 points (at least) he’s attributing to. Therefore, LeBron could average 43 points/game if he felt like it.?!! Scary thought, huh?  I love “Let’s Talk LeBron,” time.


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