The Los Angeles Lakers…

B.YONEST “Sports” NEWZ: Los Angeles is in serious trouoble

Yes, I still think they are probably going to pull the Series out of their asses, but you must admit…. The Los Angeles Lakers are looking kinda old. Not kinda Old. More like couldn’t get a loose ball, couldn’t prevent Russell Westbrook from scoring, watched Oklahoma City run fast break after fast break and shoot 40 somethin’ free throws, OLD. Again, I’m highly sure they are going to win the Series, BUT Kobe looks uncomfortable and Lamar Odom is forced to be the best player on the floor. Houston, We MAY have a problem. #HOLLAWONIMO, sports fans.


Sidenote: Ron Artest said.. “If The Lakers don’t repeat, then it’s my fault.” I know a lot of you probably don’t remember that, but HE SAID IT. There is NO WAY “these” Los Angeles Lakers are winning The World Championship. No Way.   Thanks Mr. Artest for making an ass of yourself.. AGAIN.  We here in “INVAZION-LAND” love that..

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