Kate Plus 8: WTF?

B.YONEST “Gossip” NEWZ: Go Away, Gosselins. Far, Far Away…..

Is this serious? Are they really about to give Kate “The Snake” Gosselin her own television show again? Well, not just her. They took the Jon off and added her eight children and now the show is.. “Kate Plus 8.” How f*ckin stupid. Pardon my french. She failed on DWTS because she’s “WT,” her marriage failed (because she is just as much a cheater as her husband), but for some reason “AMERICA” likes this bimbo. She’s not a Celebrity and she’s famous for ABBZolutely NOTHING.. NOTHING. If there’s one thing that I hate, it’s people who are famous for NO reason and act as if they deserve the fame. PLEASE go away you Heidi, Spencer, New Jersey Shore, Omarosa, George W. Bush (oh yeah he cheated his way into Presidency, huh), Kate Gosselin actin’ ass idiots. Go FAR, FAR AWAY.


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