Michael Jackson… and his kids

B.YONEST “Celebrity” NEWZ: Pardon B.YONEST cofusion, but….

Is it me or are Michael Jackson’s children REALLY, REALLY Caucasian. I know Michael isn’t here to defend himself (and that’s really sad), but LETZ BYONEST shall we… Aint no way in the UNIVERSAL hemisphere those babies are “biologically” his. No way. Blanket is as white as they get and so is the other two.. I don’t know they names and don’t feel like doing the research to find them, but I’m sure there’s a Prince and a Pippy in there or some shit..  Damn those babies are white as shit. The Michael Jackson who had the skin disease is/was darker than that.. I’m highly confused. Maybe it’s because I”m HIGH.. Just kidding.. kinda.


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