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Weekend Sports Round Up: NFL Trades, March Madness and Reggie Miller

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B.YONEST “Sports” NEWZ: Tomlinson is a New York Jet?? Huh?

This weekend in sports was a well rounded cycle of confusion. Teams getting their bubble busted and missing the NCAA Tournament such as Mississippi State, Illinois and Virginia Tech. The weekend was full of NFL Trades and player releases such as Jake Delhomme to the Cleveland Browns (while Brady Quinn was traded from there to the Denver Broncos) and LaDanian Tomlinon became a New York Jet. Yep, he just went from sunny San Diego to dirty New York City. You keepin up so far.. Good.

The NCAA Tournament begins in five days, World. Yep, five days. The Midwest Region is disgusting. Number one seeded Kansas, Number two seeded Ohio State and Number three seeded Georgetown. Michigan State is in that bracket as well and WE ALL KNOW the type of team(s) Tom Izzo has in the tournament. I say this.. The team that makes it out of that region will play for the National Championship. Kansas? We don’t know, but that team will play for the gusto. 

Yeah, Spring Baseball is going on right now too. Unfortunately (for the baseball fans), I’m bored as sh*t just thinking about baseball. I could bore all of you with stupid talk about pitchers, catchers and center fielders, but I’d rather spend my time blogging about the 1st place Cleveland Cavaliers. Yep, the Cleveland Cavaliers have the best record in the NBA. While my Pacers continue to suck for a few years, I’m gonna ride the LeBronValiers to the NBA Finals. Ya Dig.? OUT!


Nascar takes on Vegas

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B.YONEST “Sports” NEWZ: Nascar to me is parties, cars and Danica Patrick

This weekend marks a historic date in the life of Team INVAZION; Our first Nascar Event. I’ve heard many thing about Nascar Events. They are a big party filled w/ drunken Caucasians, everywhere. Fortunately, through my brand ambassador work, we are getting paid to be there. Yes, I said getting paid to come to Las Vegas and go to the Nascar Event which tells me brand ambassador work is astronomically dope. There will be photos and some possible video coming soon. Enjoy your weekend, sports fans. While you’re watching the Olympics, I’ll be partying w/ the “Crazy Caucasians..”


Westbrook released from Eagles

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B.YONEST “Sports” NEWZ: Philadelphia backfield is set to change

Brian Westbrook, phenomenal talent of the Philadelphia Eagles, is the latest running back to fall victim to my “Jamal Anderson” rule. The Philadelphia Eagles released Westbrook this morning. He had and extreme amount of injuries and concussions (the last three seasons) so it seemed inevitable. The question is will Westbrook be effective somewhere else?

Over the last six seasons, you couldn’t mention NFL running back without thinking of Brian Westbrook. He’s a complete running back. Great blocker, phenomenal out of the back field (as a receiver) and an obvious team leader. I imagine he’s going to be a hot commodity this off-season as many teams will be searching for the other half of their two headed monster. I think he’s going to end up in Minnesota, truthfully. Go Vikings.


The Cavs in a Three Game Slump

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B.YONEST “Sportz” NEWZ: LeBronValiers have some changes to make!

The Cleveland Cavaliers were on a 13 game winning streak entering All-Star Weekend. 1st place in the Eastern Conference and the best record in the NBA. They looked amazing. Next thing you know, Mo Williams returned, Zydrunas Ilgauskus was traded, Antawn Jamison was welcomed to the roster and they’ve lost three games straight. What is the team to do?

The Denver Nuggets beat them first and we’re all think “Great game. They’ll bounce back.” I mean Jamison did shoot 0 for 12 from the field that day. Moving on, the Charlotte Bobcats blow them the f*ck out and we’re wondering if Mo came back too soon. Yesterday, they lost to the Orlando Magic; a team they have beat twice this season. Now, the State of Ohio is going ballistic. Stay calm, people! It’s going to be okay. Adversity. Say it with me. Adversity!

Fact, The Cavs haven’t lost three games straight for over two years. I understand why some of you might be distressed. You must be patient though, homies. Mo “Will” will return to “Mo Will.” Antawn Jamison will become comfortable within the offensive scheme and the Cavs are going to be DOPE. Zydrunas may even return to the roster! Then sh*t’s going to get really “jacked up” for opponents. As long as LeBron stays patient and consistent, Shaq keeps banging for 16 and 10 and they stay focused, The Cleveland Cavaliers will win the Championship. “Nuff Said!


NBA All-Star Game: Dwayne Wade wins MVP

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B.YONEST NEWZ: The NBA All-Star Game does not Disappoint.

The 2010 NBA All-Star weekend was completed last night w/ the All-Star Game held in Dallas Stadium. The East took home the victory w/ a 141-139 win. Carmelo Anthony missed a last second three-pointer in the final seconds to secure the victory for the Eastern Conference. Great competitive play, slam dunks galore and a Dwayne Wade MVP trophy.

The MVP could have went to a number of players including LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and/or Chauncey Billups. Wade finished w/ 28 points and 11 assists which was definitely deserving of the honor. The Western Conference wanted to get the Trophy to Dirk Nowitzki (since the game was held in Dallas). Maybe NEXT year LeBron James will FINALLY include himself in the Slam Dunk Contest. Just an after thought.


Alexandre Bilodeau Wins Gold: The Drought is Over

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B.YONEST “Sports” NEWZ: Bilodeau upset secures 1st Canadian Gold !

As I promised in my earlier blog post (about The Winter Olympics), I learned something new today while watching “Moguls.” Number one, those people are crazy, psychotic. Number two, skiing down that bumpy hill in 23 seconds (while adding some flips) is particularly entertaining. With that said, Alexandre Bilodeau won the 1st Gold Medal for Canada(on Canadian Soil), ever! Congrats to you Bilodeau! Supposedly, he wasnt picked to win the event. More news to cone soon!


Nate Robinson Wins Dunk Contest

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B.YONEST “Sports” NEWZ: Damn, lil homie has SERIOUS hopz!

You know what they say, right? It’’s not a fluke if you repeat it. Some of you like me have watched Nate Robinson participate in the NBA Slam Dunk contest in astonishment at the mans’ jumping abilities. Last night (in Dallas), Robinson REPEATED as he won the 2010 Dunk Contest. It’s craz, right? Homie is what; 5′7″ on his BEST day! I’ve dunked before, but NEVER like this dude.

Did I mention Robinson won his third Dunk Contest Championship. Yes, it may have come against lesser talent than the Jordan, Wilkins, Spud Webb, Larry Nance, etc days, but he’s beat some notable dunkers. LETZ BYONEST! We missed LeBron James this year, FACT. I would love to throw a roster of dunkers together and force them to participate. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Damn, LeBron James in a Dunk Contest!!? Maybe one day! Anyways, Congratulation Nate “Rob.” Much Respecet from us less fortunate dunkers!