Celebrity Nipple Slips

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B.YONEST “Celebrity” NEWZ: Beyonce, Jenna and MORE… let’s go

Here @ “THE INVAZION”, we work to bring you the most updated and sophisticated news.. SIKE.. We don’t work to bring you sh*t. We wake up, do some research and start blogging.. Today, we’re going to feed you perverts w/ a few “nipple slip” celebrity photos.. BEYONCE KNOWLES-CARTER, included.. Enjoy pervs…



Washington Capitals BLOW it

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B.YONEST “Sports” NEWZ: Montreal Moves to second round. 8 seed

The Washington Capitals became the 1st number one seed (in history) to blow a 3-1 series lead and lose to an 8 seed. The Montreal Canadiens did it.  I could care lesser than less about hockey, but the UPSET (or should we say COLLAPSE) is the story here. Let’s say the Cavaliers or Lakers lost their series… Yeah, exactly what I thought you would say. Alex Ovechkin was expected to step up Sidney Crosby style, but THAT didn’t happened. Washington, who had the best regular season record will be watching the rest of the the NHL Playoffs @ home by themselves.. Go Montreal.


JaMarcus Russell.. Terrible player OR Smart Guy?

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B.YONEST “Sports” NEWZ.. Wow, he got paid A LOT of money to BE SO TERRIBLE

Let’s say a football team offered you 36 MILLION DOLLARS to play in like 30 games. You don’t have to be good. You don’t have to be successful and when we fire you, you keep your 36 MILLION DOLLARS and we go our separate ways. Would you take it? Yeah, me too. Congratulations Mr. JaMarcus Russell… You are either the worse Quarterback “of all time” or the SMARTEST business man.I can imagine it would be difficult to take football seriously when you received that much money before you played in a National Football Game. I’m just sayin’. Again, congratulations to you JaMarcus. You’re probably going to be released very soon then you get to fade off to oblivion and do whatever the hell you wanna do. You got 36 MILLION DOLLARS, player.. Well done!


Michael Jackson… and his kids

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B.YONEST “Celebrity” NEWZ: Pardon B.YONEST cofusion, but….

Is it me or are Michael Jackson’s children REALLY, REALLY Caucasian. I know Michael isn’t here to defend himself (and that’s really sad), but LETZ BYONEST shall we… Aint no way in the UNIVERSAL hemisphere those babies are “biologically” his. No way. Blanket is as white as they get and so is the other two.. I don’t know they names and don’t feel like doing the research to find them, but I’m sure there’s a Prince and a Pippy in there or some shit..  Damn those babies are white as shit. The Michael Jackson who had the skin disease is/was darker than that.. I’m highly confused. Maybe it’s because I”m HIGH.. Just kidding.. kinda.


Tito Ortiz: It’z NOT OK

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B.YONEST “Gossip”NEWZ: Damn, Tito.. Damn..

Real talk, I wont take too much of your time on this one, but beating up Jenna Jameson wont get you too far. YES, I know she looks like a stage troll now (after all plastic surgery), but kickin’ her ass wont help that cause Tito. YES, I know she’s known for suckin, tuckin and f*ckin EVERY man, woman and bear, BUT kickin’ her face in AINT the move Tito. Now you got arrested, TMZ and every blog/website IS talkin’ about you and you’re forever gonna be the man “who beat up Jenna Jameson..” Damn Tito.


LeBron, LeBron, LeBron

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B.YONEST “Entertainment” NEWZ: Yep, Triple Double 4 King James

So last night I (and 8 kujillion other people) watched The Los Angeles Lakers get B.lasted by The Oklahoma City Thunder in (a necessary for both teams) Game 4 of their series. Apparently, LeBron James watched the game as well. He was NOT going to allow The Chicago Bulls to think (for one minute of the 48 minute game) that they were going to have a “shot” to win. Get it.. Shot?

Antawn Jamison said “LeBron had a different look in his eyes that I haven’t seen since I’ve been here. He looked more focused that I’d seen him.” That focus led to “Bron Bron’s” 5th triple-double in his NBA Playoff Career. He came back into the game in the 4th Period and single handedly took it over. MVP, MVP, MVP…!!!  Just a quick 37 points, 12 rebounds and 11 assists. No big deal. LeBron James WILL return to Cleveland, The Cavs WILL win the World Championship and I’m a f*ckin’ Pacers Fan. I just respect great basketball and LeBron is the pinnacle of “GREAT BASKETBALL.”


Oh yeah, The Cleveland Cavaliers won BIG tonight, as well. They definitely seem ready to GET ‘ER DONE..

Ben Roethlisberger Statement

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B.YONEST “Entertainment” NEWZ: Roethlisberger statement will go…

Good Day.

“I made a mistake. I had affairs. I cheated.” Oh wait, that’s Tiger Woods.. Let me start over…

“You will never see a man play harder than I will play. You will never see a team practice and play harder..” No? Right!! Tim Tebow.

I didn’t do steroids. Wait, yes I did.. UNKNOWINGLY.” A-Rod..

This is starting to feel like a game of “Name that Idiot.” Whether it’s Ben Roethlisberger, Michael Vick, Tiger Woods or any other celebrity, at the end of the day it’s going to get swept under the rug. Maybe not to you, maybe not to your mamma, but to society. Celebrities (which I’m still working diligently to become) are held to a different standard. They just are. Roethlisberger will say some stupid sh*t like..

“I accept the punishment and suspension set by The NFL and The Steelers Organization. I again would like to apologize to Mr. Rooney, the Rooney family and The whole Pittsburgh Steeler and National Football League family. My decisions need to change. I need to grow up, both on and off the field, and this has been an extreme wake up call.”

A bunch of other bullsh*t, I’m sure, and the rest is history. What Ben needs to do is say, “I like younger women. I didn’t rape that girl, but I was probably more forceful than I should’ve been and that’s not right. I have body guards (solely) for my protection (after an earlier altercation in my career) and any of them will tell you I’m not a rapist. I’ll learn from my mistakes, change what I can to become a better man and see you soon. Thank you graciously.”

Again people, I don’t mean to make light of a dull situation. I really don’t. I just think people need to be more “YONEST” about their feeling(s) and situation(s). I’m just sayin.. #HOLLAWONIMO and happy bangin’…